10ft Refrigerated Container for sale

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Cool air flow direction (Evaporator)      
Bottom air discharge

Cooling capacity (60Hz)
Inside temp. 2C                                      10.000W
Ambient temp. 38C
Inside temp. -18C                                     5.900W
Ambient temp. 38C

Heating capacity (60Hz)
Inside temp.  16C                                     5.900W
Ambient temp. -20C

Air flow rate (Evaporator)(50/60Hz)
High (ESP=12.7mmH2O                         96.3m3/min
Low  (ESP=3.2mmH2O                           48.2m3/min

Fresh air intake (EPS=12.7mmH2O, 60Hz)   

Power supply (50/60Hz)
Standard unit (single power supply)         3-phase, (1 Phase available)
Control circuit voltage
13VAC, 24VAC

Max. power consumption



10ft Refrigerated Container for sale

Cool air flow direction (Evaporator)      
Bottom air discharge

Cooling capacity (60Hz)
Inside temp. 2C                                      10.000W
Ambient temp. 38C
Inside temp. -18C                                     5.900W
Ambient temp. 38C

Heating capacity (60Hz)
Inside temp.  16C                                     5.900W
Ambient temp. -20C

Air flow rate (Evaporator)(50/60Hz)
High (ESP=12.7mmH2O                         96.3m3/min
Low  (ESP=3.2mmH2O                           48.2m3/min

Fresh air intake (EPS=12.7mmH2O, 60Hz)   

Power supply (50/60Hz)
Standard unit (single power supply)         3-phase,
Control circuit voltage
13VAC, 24VAC

Max. power consumption

Type                                                          R134a
Charged amount                                       4.7kg

Inside temperature range  
-30~30C (-22~86F)

Type                                                           Hermetic Scroll Compressor
Lubricant oil Type                                      Daphne hermetic oil FCV46D
Charged amount                                        3.4L

Air Cooled condensor type    
Cross Finned Coil

Air Cooled evaporator type    
Cross Finned Coil

Fan motor  
Condensor  Type                            Propeller
Output                                             670W
Evaporator Type                             Propeller
Output                                             400W/60W x 2
Controller    Type                             DECOS III f

Automatic PTI 
Full, Short, and Customized PTI

Refrigerant control   
Electronic expansion valve

Ambient temperature range       
-30~50C (-22~122F)

Hear source                                   Hot gas
Initiation                                         Timer or on-demand and manual
Termination                                   By temperature of evaporator outlet sensor
or timer
Protective devices
Protection thermostat (compressor, fan, motor) fuse,
circuit breaker, high pressure switch, fusible safety plug.

Height                                       2.234 mm
Width                                        2.025 mm
Depth                                          415 mm

Standard unit                              433 kg
(single power source)


External dimensions Internal dimensions Doorway Machinery specifications
Length 2990 mm Length 2383 mm Width 2286 mm Machinery type Various
Width 2438 mm Width 2290 mm Height 2260 mm Unit status PTI OK / Plug in ready
Height 2591 mm Height 2291 mm Temp. range – 25c / + 25c
Floor surface 5,7 m² Power 380V, 32 amp, 50/60hz
Capacity 12,7 m³

Our small shipping containers are available as a full set or as individual units. When presented as a full set, all units are securely fastened to each other using ties.

Like all of our products, they are windproof, waterproof and robust, meaning that they offer superb protection against the elements.

We understand that sometimes space is at a premium, and as an alternative to a garden shed. Our small shipping containers are perfect for domestic use

– for more information on the benefits of using a container rather than a shed, please feel free to contact one of our experts, they’d be happy to discuss this with you.

The cost of a shipping container will depend on many different factors. These include age, condition, size, and delivery. In general, you can expect to pay between $1,400 and $3,000 for a used 20-foot shipping container. The average cost of a new 20-foot container generally will be between $2,000 and $5,000. 20 foot storage containers for sale, Container office for sale , Shipping container toilets for sale , Open top containers for sale . 10ft Refrigerated Container for sale

Buy Used Shipping Containers ( B.U.S.C )

Moreover, There are many factors to consider, but not to worry, from buying 20ft shipping containers, and beyond, BUSC has your needs covered. If you are looking at shipping containers you came to the right place.  We at BUSC know and understand your needs when it comes to metal shipping containers. Used Shipping Containers for sale , Buy a storage container, Shipping container office for sale, High Cube Container for sale .

How to Order a Container

Shipping containers are becoming a popular means of storage for businesses and homeowners. It’s important to know what you should expect before ordering a container for your specific needs.

  1. Choose the Container you Prefer.
  2. Get a Quote or Add your Product to Cart and click on Checkout.
  3. Fill the form with your information; Names, Country, Address, Email, Phone number .
  4. Use the payment information shown at checkout and make the payment.
  5. Send a receipt of payment to info@buyusedshippingcontainers.com and Click order
  6. An agent will get to you with necessary contract, delivery details and Tracking Number for your Order.
Used shipping containers for sale near me

Also, BUSC offers 20 ft and 40 ft size shipping containers for sale or rent at competitive prices, with delivery on a trailer (not forklift or crane). We go the extra mile by making sure that the delivery is made promptly at your site. We don’t bombard our customers with salespeople trying to sell other things – unlike many of our bigger competitors. Buy Container ,40 Cargo containers for sale, New Containers for Sale.

Can I look at the shipping container before I buy it?

Again, Because the containers are stacked at the intermodal depot, we cannot obtain photos or guarantee a specific unit. The depots are storing empty shipping containers for shipping lines and intermodal equipment providers. When we place an order for our customers, they pick the next container off the stack that meets their criteria. 45 Shipping Containers for sale

Furthermore, The shipping containers we sell come directly from the intermodal depot, and because depots are so busy they don’t have the ability to let customers select from a wide variety of container options. Additionally, not every container in the stack is for sale (over 95% of containers at depots are not available for sale and are still being used for cargo). Used 20 shipping containers for sale near me , 20 sea container for sale , Buy 10ft container , Secure storage containers for sale .

Iso Shipping containers for sale

Unfortunately, this means that we’re unable to allow customers to pick a specific container. We do guarantee every container we sell, and do our best to set realistic expectations as to what your container might look like. Buy used shipping containers , 8ft Shipping container for sale, Small Shipping containers for sale , Buy 10ft Shipping Container , Buy 20ft Shipping Container , Buy 40 foot shipping container, Buy Storage Container Near Me.

How secure is the online payment?

Firstly, We take your online security seriously. We use Bank Transfers , Credit Card through Zelle or Crypto (BTC). Beyond the payment, our site is validated with the high level SSL encryption. Because all of our payment processing is managed by third parties, BUSC doesn’t keep complete information regarding your credit card or payment method (only enough to identify your transaction). Our goal is to ensure a high level of transaction security for all of our customers. New Storage Containers for sale , 40 foot containers for sale, Used refrigerated containers for sale in Usa. 10ft Refrigerated Container for sale

Do you offer volume discounts?

In Addition, We offer a 5% volume discount for multi-unit orders that’s calculated at checkout. We can offer deeper discounts for customers who plan to purchase more than 10 shipping containers at a time. If you’d like pricing for a large volume order, please fill out Our quote request form. 8 shipping container for sale

Likewise, Used shipping containers come in a wide variety of conditions. The most common are One TripCargo Worthy (CWO), and Wind & Water Tight (WWT). There are also “As Is” Containers, which we do not sell because they are usually damaged, and thus cannot be guaranteed. As well as containers repaired to IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors) standards. Please Note: All used containers will have minimal rust/dents. No matter the grade, every container we sell is guaranteed to be structurally sound, and comes with our one year warranty. Cargo shipping containers for sale , Buy cheap shipping containers.

9 reviews for 10ft Refrigerated Container for sale

  1. Vera L

    Delivered as promised! Solid and clean..

  2. Vernon H.

    was good to deal with. HC container was converted precisely to my specifications, and I was happy with the job done. Delivery to my property worked out well, the driver being very skillful at lowering my container onto the support-blocks. All of this was done according to the time-frames indicated.

  3. Lesley V.

    I am so grateful for having found Container Traders. Their customer service was exemplary and communication was efficient. They delivered on time and the whole experience was stress free. I would definitely use them again. Highly recommend this company to all. Many thanks for stress free removal.

  4. Fred H.

    Container came in as described. Mark was professional and straight forward. I ordered the container on Monday at 3pm and it was delivered on tuesday morning before 11am. I highly recommend this company because they were very informative on their product and quick with the delivery.

  5. Sydney Norris

    On time Delivery, Solid leak proof containers, and fair pricing with a Company that puts the Customer first!!
    4 Sale helps solve my storage problems

  6. Antonio R.

    cannot thank the team at container traders enough.
    They Delivered my container with short notice and just before Christmas.

    Highly recommend these guys to all
    Terrific communication and service
    Thank you

  7. Wes H.

    We bought a 10ft container, and are very happy it. Paint job and refurb were great, and it was delivered on time and on cost. Very good team to work with, from the sales to the delivery people.

  8. Gabriel L.

    Everything went off without a hitch. On drop off and pickup, the drivers made sure everything was optimum before they left. Last minute changes were made with no problems and the containers were delivered and removed quickly. No delays and everyone was particularly helpful. Sales team were very helpful and made good suggestions without a hard sell.

  9. Thomas F.

    The communication with their head office was without fault. They always followed up and responded to both my questions and addressed any concerns I may have had. It was a very positive experience.
    The delivery was professionally organised. I was kept up-to-date as to where and when. The off-loading of the container to a very confined backyard site was brilliant

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